We launched TEA to offer a comprehensive suite of government relations services for a competitive budget; a departure from the sizable retainers often associated with larger firms. In short, a high-level of services for a fee that does not appreciably affect the bottom line of the company.

Third Eye Associates is an Indian based firm that provides a consistent and professional level of lobbying services to Indian and foreign companies, organizations and governments in a more targeted, service-oriented and cost-effective manner.

We approach everything in a bipartisan manner. TEA colleagues have worked at the highest levels of both the ruling and opposition parties, in a policy and political capacity, in the executive and legislative branches of government.

The suite of services primarily focuses on developing a lasting and consistent professional and working relationship with members of elected parties, their staffs, committees, executive branches and regulatory agency decision-makers. It covers government business development efforts and public policy matters including legislative and regulatory affairs.

The suite of services is not rigid, so we can design a government relation plan that addresses exactly what you want and need in a lobbying effort. Our Goal is to help companies establish serious and substantive long-term professional and business development relationships with decision makers.

Third Eye Associates is backed with deep routed financial resources, ethics and moral responsibility to society and has over the years engineered a spectrum of activities in the field of Power & Natural Resources; thereby creating wealth for itself and for its customers through dedicated and honest service.

TEA pioneer in developing new challenging markets and create opportunity with an undying attitude. TEA has solutions for companies facing volatile business environments that force them to rethink their strategies and the way forward. In this environment companies face several key strategic questions for which we have the Success Mantra. We have a long history of working with companies on their most difficult problems.

Our clients include some of the world’s top producers of Steel, Cement, Aluminium, Power, Copper, Iron Ore & Coal. Most of them have utilized our good offices and proximity with government offices for their added advantage.

We maintain total confidentiality about our client’s information and proposals and a reason why you will not find a client portfolio in this web site. We ensure a win-win situation for mutual benefits.

In totality we believe that there are plenty of reasons why you should choose Third Eye Associates as your partner in progress.