The Team

The Team

Third Eye Associates recognizes that the nucleus of any professional consulting firm is its people, their abilities, and experience. Our people have a well-earned reputation for outstanding, professional accomplishments in industry spaces of – Corporate & Government Liaison, Mining, Power, M&A, Logistics and Finance

Senior professional averages over 15 years each with the firm, with more than 25 years in the Liaison & corporate services and that in the mining industry – is strong evidence of Third Eye’s continuity, consistency, and reliability. As professional consultants, our core people are full-time specialists with the capability of solving your toughest problems using multi-discipline know-how and practical hands-on experience.

As further evidence of our expertise, Third Eye professionals have proactively represented clients’ interests in negotiations, and have recognized technical and forensic excellence in serving as experts.

In his drive to increase individual accountability, he has recently made changes to his executive team, streamlining it to enhance decision-making. I am very confident the team I have in place is fully committed to delivering greater value for our shareholders.

Daryl Pereira

Chairman & Managing Director

Daryl Pereira is different from almost all other men of his era, because of his wide range of activities in core sectors. Daryl went ahead steadily with growing his company. He believed that the attempts to grow without adequate manpower were like trying to support a dome of steel with pillars of snow.

It was this deep insight, which prompted business diversification way back in year 1995, soon making TEA accountable to their clients and contributing substantially.

Daryl Pereira is an amazing personality, having the capability to convert hurdles into opportunities, stand out as unique model for his peers. TEA clients acknowledge his contribution, especially his visionary behaviour in advocating a transaction.

Armed with a degree in Economics, and serving clients over twenty five years, today is building a stronger, more focused and accountable business. In his mind, this is absolutely critical to the successful delivery of TEA strategy.

Daryl remains fully confident in the future prospects of the business, as TEA have the right strategy to deliver sustainable growth over the long term to meet its clients resourcing needs.

He believes that Leadership is critical at all levels – at board level, at executive level, and throughout the business, while being committed to effective planning at all levels. As Chairman of the Third Eye Group, Daryl’s goal is to make sure the board combines the diverse blend of skills and international experience that is available to it now and to further enhance it for the future.

TEA is a great company, pursuing a consistent strategy with a renewed executive team. I thank all of our clients for their continued support. Next year this time, I am sure I will be reporting on an even stronger organisation focused on delivering value for TEA and its clients.

Antonie Thomas

Director & CEO

An Economics stalwart with twenty five years of working experience in multinational companies, his last job before joining the Third Eye Group was with McKinsey & Company, USA. Thomas is well traveled and has hands on experience with mining, operations and finance.

Kabul Sakia

CEO, North East Operations

Kabul Saikia comes with over 20 Years in Corporate Liaison Services and is a well know name in political circles from the North East to New Delhi. He has built a great empire with locals besides harboring peace in the endeavours of the Indian Government. His achievements is well known in the states of Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh and with neighboring countries Bhutan, Burma & Bangladesh.

Overseas Partners


Dr Didik, CEO, Harvestindo Nusantara


Govindarajoo, CEO, Pengreen


Mrs Alfie Fernandes, Global Consultants


Ashok Uppal

Coal Mining, Power Projects. He was Ex Sr GM – Tata Power, Jamshedpur and HOD of Tata Steel’s Coal Mining Operations

Arvind Prasad

Geology and Mining. Ex HOD Geology, Tata Steel Ltd.

N. K. Srivastav

Mining Engineer. Ex HOD Mining, Tata Steel Ltd.

Nilesh Parekh

Strategic Finance. NP Parekh & Co, Chartered Accountants.

C K Tripathy